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Places to Visit in Mardin, Mardin tourist places

Places to Visit in Mardin, Mardin tourist places

Mardin, thanks to the diversity of cultures that settled in describing the cultural richness of Turkey, is proving one of the most beautiful examples of our city. Places to Visit in Mardin, Mardin tourist places

23 Mart 2021 19:27
Places to Visit in Mardin, Mardin tourist places



It stands out as a city that is the pride source of the Southeastern Anatolia Region and our country. I am sure you will be very surprised when you see how many places to visit when you come to this ancient city, which has a long history. Mardin is quite diverse in terms of places to visit and it will give you the impression that you are traveling in a mystical historical city.
Deyrulzafaran Monastery
Deyrulzafaran Monastery has served Assyrian Orthodox for 640 years. It gained its present appearance in the 18th century. This building started to be known as Deyrulzafaran (Safran Monastery) after the 15th century due to the zafaran (saffron) plant growing around the monastery. This monastery was one of the centers of religious education.
Great Mosque of Mardin
Mardin Ulu Mosque is known as the oldest mosque in our province of Mardin. Although the exact date of construction is not known, the date 1190 is written on the door of the mosque. This mosque architecture, which is said to belong to the Artukids, is quite striking. The mosque, which had two minarets when it was first built, has been reached as the only minaret today. On its minaret, the names of 12 Companions who were given the good news of heaven are written. If you happen to be here, be sure to visit this mosque.
Kasimiye Madrasa
Kasimiye Madrasah was started to be built during the Artukids period, but the Moğal pressure was the most important. The unfinished structure was completed between 1457 and 1502 by Kasım ibn Cihangir, the sultan of Akkoyunlu. The building contains two mosques, a tomb and a fountain. This building, which has a history of 700 years, now serves as the Al Jazeera Art Museum.
Sabanci City Museum
Located in our Artuklu district, this museum was established as the Cavalry barracks and later used as a tax building. Later, it was bought by the Sabanci Foundation and turned into a museum. It can be reached on foot from the city center. Or it can be reached by public transport.
Mardin Virgin Mary Church
The Virgin Mary Church is a structure that is located in our province of Mardin and whose architectural style is rare in the world. This building was built in 1860 by the Patriarch Antuan Semheri. The building, which was transferred to the Ministry of Culture in 1988, has been restored and has been used as a museum since 1995.
Dara Mesopotamia Ruins
Dara Mesopotamia Ruins is an ancient city in Mardin with a historical smell. The history of this city is not known exactly. Many ruins have been found here. Those who want to learn the history of our province of Mardin better should go here and see this ancient city.
Mor Gabriel Monastery
It is the oldest Syriac Orthodox Monastery standing in the world. This monastery was built in 397 by Mor Shmuel (Samuel) and his student Mor Shemun (Simon) on the ruins of a Zoroastrian temple. Another name is Deyrulumur Monastery. This Monastery is a training home and many priests and teachers were trained here. You should definitely visit the structure that preserves its old original and still stands.

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